How it works

Showed is a performance platform built by artists for artists. Whether you're a performer, venue or production house, we want to give you the opportunity to add live streamed shows into your product mix in a way that helps you make a really awesome experience for fans, and actually make money - on your terms.

The lifecycle of your Showed event


Create your event

Create your virtual theatre and set up your ticket pricing.


Open ticket sales

Fans purchase tickets with their credit cards, giving instant access to watch and participate in your show.


Go live

Stream your show in high quality, and interact with your audience using our special Interact app.


Get paid

We send you proceeds for ticket sales via direct deposit within 7 days of your event.

Why use Showed?

Your audience will love it

Your fans can start the conversation off in the lead up to your event through your virtual theatre. This helps you drum up excitment for you event before you go live and sell more tickets. When the show starts, they can cheer, meet others and engage with you as if they were there.

Interact like never before

Often in a live stream if feels like you are performing to wall, and you miss out on the good vibes you get from an energized audience. On Showed we bridge that connection through the Interact App, which allows you to see, hear and engage your audience in real time. You can also throw out live interactive popups like polls, Q & As and much more.

Actually make money

How many ticket sales are you missing out on because of a clunky, disconnected experience? Showed makes buying tickets easy. Audiences just visit your event page, pay with their credit card and get instant access on the spot. No links, no passcodes, and no software or app downloads needed!

Beautiful quality video

Whether sending a stream from your professional studio set up or webcam, Showed supports hi definition video streaming and pristine audio that works on all modern desktop devices, mobile devices and smart TVs. We'll give you advice on the best settings to use in your set up for optimal quality.

We've got your back

We handle all the boring work for your event - audience support, ticket refunds, reporting and analytics. We’ll even give you real time chat support during your event to make sure everything runs smoothly. Because our model works off commission, it's in our interests to make sure your event is the best it can be.

Instant streaming

While other popular streaming platforms typically have over 15 seconds of lag time, Showed stream latency is mostly under 1 second so that audience reactions happen in sync with the performance.


All events running through Showed include our complete set of premium features.

  • Embed theatre on your site

  • Live event support

  • HD streaming

  • Ultra low latency streaming

  • Free previews

  • Polling

  • Q & A

  • Custom popups

  • Live chat

  • Cheering with audio

  • Interact App

  • Choose your price ticketing

  • Event reminders

If you’re intrigued, try it out for free

Set up your first event in two minutes - no commitments or credit cards required!

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